Hire Kathy Vines to Speak to Your Organization or Audience

Kathy speaks at events for a variety of audiences, including corporate settings and community-based groups, on a variety of topics in the organizing, productivity, and career strategy worlds.

Example topics: 



  • Time Management: Best Kept Secrets of Good Managers of Time. What a Good Time Manager Knows and Does, with Tools and Resources You Can Try TODAY

  • Goal Setting Success: From Imagination to Achievement. How to write clear and meaningful goals and set up strategies to achieve them. 

  • Become a Productivity Jedi: You’re in Charge: Conquer the Chaos that Surrounds You. From your physical desktop to your digital one, understand how physical and digital clutter is keeping you from your success and what to do to change all that.  

  • Classroom Organization: Beyond the ABCs – Organization is the Foundation for Everything. Organizing your classroom with both you and your students in mind. Being organized as a teacher supports your student’s learning and growth. Here are 6 steps to start the school year on the right foot! 

  • Career Development: 25-year-old Me Wouldn’t Believe This: GenX Professionals Create the Next Chapter in Their Career. Career path development for the Gen X Crowd with a strong career record and a bright path ahead. 

  • Career Development: My Next Chapter Starts Today: Your next best job may be as close as the one you have right now. Strategies to make the most out of the opportunities that are around you to help you develop your future opportunities.

  • Interviewing and Networking: So, Tell Me About Yourself – The Toughest Question You’ll Hear All Day: Easy? Guess again! Master the hardest question in networking and interviews! 



  • Living with Less: How to Get Past Your Stuff and Get the Life You Want 

  • Managing Your Digital Afterlife: What Happens to All Your Online “Stuff” When You Can’t Access It Anymore?

  • Getting Ready to Downsize: How to Make The Plan That’s Right for YOUR Next Move

  • Organizing With Children: Get Their Stuff Organized, and Get Them to Help

  • Is Your Computer a Digital Junk Drawer? How to Organize Your Important Information, and Keep the Clutter Away

  • Getting Organized Pays Off: Top 10 Ways that Getting Organized Today Will Help You Save Money Or Bring In Cash

  • Back to School: How to Kick Off the School Year and Stay Organized… Let’s Make it to Spring This Year

  • Does this Resume Make Me Look Old? Resume and Career tips for the 55+ crowd looking to make a career move.

  • So, Tell Me About Yourself: Easy? Guess again! Master the hardest question in networking and interviews! 


Kathy can deliver PowerPoint presentations, or “unplugged” versions (old school flip-charts? No problem!) or visual-free presentations. 

These can be one-hour presentations — great for community group meetings, parent organizations, business-owner organizations and corporate “lunch and learns” —  or work with you to customize a longer workshop to meet your needs. 

Contact Kathy to discuss your needs and how she can help bring the principles of organizing to your audience!