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The video (create our own on Vidday.com — use CELEBRATE15 for a 15% discount!) was amazing… and 53 minutes long!

The pop-in in-person party with cake was so much fun, and a great surprise! He didn’t know what he was in for, and never knew who was showing up next! 6 hours of intimate time while social distancing with friends all day.

On Sunday, the 4 hour Zoom open house was so much fun, and even I never knew who was going to show up next! And if you know Robert/Bob/Vines/Vinesy… you know that it MUST have been great for him to sit in one spot for 4 hours!




Robert Vines, my wonderful husband, is turning 50 on Monday, July 13th.



Hello and Happy Summer, and I hope you and your family are healthy and safe!

You may know him as Robert, or Rob, or Bobby, or Bob, or Vines, or Vinesy, or Young Bob, or Woo Woo, or some other nickname he’s amassed over the years. What I love about his broad set of relationships that he’s had over the years is that no matter who calls him what, he smiles and loves it. It’s all a tapestry of the life he’s led so far!

Like the rest of us, 2020 hasn’t gone as he planned, though we’re all grateful we’ve remained healthy and his job is safe. We had a lot planned for this year that we both turn 50, and so far, all of that is in cancel and “hopeful postponement” mode. March was supposed to be Disney. April, he was running in the Ville-to-Ville relay race in SC and NC (this one may happen in the fall). June was a trip to Santa Fe with my gang from Bucknell. July was a concert (postponed). August was the Rooted Vermont gravel race in Burlington one weekend, and the 24 Hours of Great Glen team mountain bike race at Mt Washington in NH the next, both canceled. He’s bummed, but he gets it. And if you know Robert, if he’s not training for some sort of event on foot or on 2 wheels, he’s a little aimless. (Thankful for his Zwift account!)

So, I’m doing my best to figure out how to make his birthday still a little bit of a fun one, even if trips and adventures need to be postponed. I’m reaching out to as many friends and family I can think of (or have contact info for), but please share this page with someone you think would love to help celebrate! 




Also, if you want to send a birthday card like we did way back in the day, you can get to him at:


43 Howard Street, Melrose, MA 02176








Thank you for taking some time to help make Robert’s day a special one! 


Kathy Vines