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Dear Thanh…

I hope this note finds you healthy, safe, and… of course, productive! 
My name is Kathy Vines, and I’m a member of NAPO (I think you may know what that is, as you’re a member of our LinkedIn community, but in case it has slipped your mind, it is the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals). 
I am on the National Conference Committee, and we are planning our NAPO2021 Conference, April 21-24, in Long Beach, CA, your backyard! (Yes, we’re moving ahead on the idea that in-person gatherings in 2021 will be something we can architect and implement.) 
The Committee began reviewing our submissions 60+ submissions for the 30  90-minute breakout sessions, and we are feeling like we’re missing something important this year for the first time in a while. We’re missing a speaker who can confidently speak to intermediate and experienced productivity consultants and help bring them new perspectives and insights to helping lead *others* to productivity. I will say we do have some proposals on tech-specific tools (Asana, slack, IFTTT, Zapier, G-suite, Trello, etc – I think these will be great, but, well, they’re tactical/niche areas, and as we both know, productivity is more than just tools and apps). 
As we scratched our heads on our Committee meeting last night, our first night reviewing the 60+ submissions for 30 slots, I had an idea: 
“I know of a tremendous voice in this space… who is in LA and might just hop in his car for a local gig…” (Okay, or an uber. I don’t know if you have a car.) 
And here I am, writing to you. a three-point shot at the buzzer, hoping it sinks and makes the difference…
Why did I think of you, and what do I want you to know about our audience? 
Okay, so first there’s the “historic” answer. Typically, out of 3000+ members, 450 or so members have been attending the past few years. The conference sessions are recorded (audio) and then part of our members-only library, and generate good-sized number of downloads. A breakout session will get between 70-150 depending on the topic. A nice crowd, but small enough to feel you’re connecting with friends. 
And it would be *friends*. The audience here wouldn’t be people learning to get more productive, except of course for the people who in fact ARE looking to learn to become more productive. 
These people want to help THEIR CLIENTS become more productive. Some have been doing it for ages, and some are just dipping their toes in the area. Some call themselves productivity experts, and some call themselves organizers but then say they totally work with their clients on time management, prioritization, goal setting, workflow, systems design, and so on. They work with people like:
– senior leaders or entrepreneurs to maximize their productivity and generate their best results
– teams within organizations to help generate breakthrough performance or transform themselves or their organizations
– busy parents who are trying to balance it all, do more with less – less time, less money, less energy
– students who struggle to make their way through high school or college without the right tools and systems in place. 
We would love for someone to come speak with us *like a colleague*. Someone who understands what it means to work with people and help them level up in this space. Someone who can share what he’s learned along the way of getting people to identify their challenges and strengths and forge a new path. 
Maybe you’d speak about how to work with people to help them navigate through the THOUSANDS of options out there for them, and figure out what’s right for them (I know you’ve personally blogged about how you’ve tried it all!). Perhaps you’d speak about how you think the productivity landscape is evolving, especially in covid-times, and how this is impacting personal and team productivity. 
I first came to the AE world late in the game. It dates to May of 2017 when I met Zack Sexton after *he* spoke at the NAPO Conference in Chicago, and I learned all about his background in this space with you. And I know that Brooks Duncan, another multi-time speaker at NAPO, has settled in nicely to the AE world as well. it just keeps coming back to me that the AE *founder* would be amazing to listen to in Long Beach. 
Now, the drum roll you’ve been waiting for:
“So, Kathy, this sounds fun and all, but, like, I don’t speak for free.” 
Sure, you don’t. Neither do I. Our budget for non-NAPO speakers is $679. I know; you’re likely used to a fee with, at the very least, a comma in it, if not a whole additional digit or two. And this might make you hit the reply button and say, “Thanks, Kathy, but this fee just isn’t something I can work with,” and I’d get it. 
But I needed to at least ask. 
We’re reaching out to two or three select people in some different directions in the productivity space. If all of their submissions are totally what we need, we may accept them all. If they’re not, or we find ourselves having to make some tough choices on selections, we may not accept them all. That’s right; I’m asking you to submit and I can’t even guarantee you’ll be accepted. Seriously, how can I possibly think this will even work??
Because I believe that you’ll see the opportunity to help others be great and helping others be great,
and you’ll want to get in on that karma. 
I’m sharing a description of what the application process entails. If you’d like to move forward, I’ll send you a live link, since the link is currently closed to the public. 
The important thing to keep in mind is that we’ll need a brief description/learning objectives for the 90-minute presentation, and we’ll need a 2-minute video that would be the same “pitch” that attendees would see when they’re looking to select which sessions to attend. We are looking for a specifically-generated video for the event, not a demo reel link. 
Oh, and we’d need it submitted by July 19th. Sure, most procrastinators would do it that day, but a guy like you would get it on his calendar Sunday night and make it happen that week. I just know it. 
Thank you for your time and consideration!