What is a Clarity Coach?


Are you feeling stuck, not sure where to go, not sure what’s holding you back from getting there?

Would you love some help to get unstuck and move forward?

Kathy Vines, a Clarity Coach, can help.

A Clarity Coach is someone who can hold space for and guide you to think through your goals, dreams, challenges, and barriers to figure out the direction and how to move forward.

How do Clarity Coaches help?

💡 They ask insightful questions

💡 They listen without judgement

💡 They identify patterns you’re too close to see

💡 They illuminate the dark emotions in your story (fear, guilt, shame, regret, etc.) 

💡 They challenge your limitations and assumptions

💡 They reframe perspective

💡 They bring focus to core issues and eliminates the clutter in your story

💡 They help you outline your destination and path 

💡 They guide you to craft your message 

💡 They help you be accountable as you start down that path


This might be about career, business, relationships, any heavy life choices in which you feel stuck, foggy, restrained, burdened. If you need a light to shine 💡 on it so you can find a clear path to move forward, meeting with a clarity coach may be just the thing to help.


Kathy is ready to help you move forward. Schedule a free 20 minute consultation call now.

Clarity Coaching Investment: $125 for a one-hour phone or video session