Are you a Professional Organizer (or Hoping to Become One) and Could Use a Thought Partner or Coach? 

I love working with organizers, or gonna-be organizers! I am passionate about helping people in this industry succeed, as they become both an organizer and a business owner, and bring my expertise in coaching and business effectiveness to apply to the unique needs of our industry.  

Whether you are looking to dip your toe into the organizing or productivity world, or have been there for years and could use a thought partner and a new perspective, there is no substitute for the one-on-one conversation with someone focused on *your* situation. I work with professional organizers whether they are just starting their business or it’s time to take their business to another level. 


Please schedule a FREE 20-minute conversation so we can be sure that this service and our mutual availability is a fit. 


“Getting Started with Virtual Organizing”

For the established organizer interested in adding Virtual Organizing to the portfolio. You have heard about Virtual Organizing, but not sure whether it is for you or how to get started. We’ll cover together:
– Is Virtual Organizing right for you?
– How Client Interactions are different from in-person clients, from intake to wrap-up
– Where and how to market and find clients
– Getting your “back office” needs in shape, and
– Practice pulling it all together!

  • 4 1-on-1 video-based sessions, $450
  • Additional support and accountability calls, schedule as you need them: $125


“A Vision and a Plan”

For the person interested in becoming a Professional Organizer or Productivity Consultant.  You’ve always thought about becoming an organizer and want to know more about what it would *really* take. We’ll discuss your questions and the most important topics: the pros and cons, training and education, business start-up concerns, how to find clients, and how to keep yourself safe. 

  • Initial Investment: 1 session (via video or phone, your preference), up to 120 minutes: $200 
  • Additional Support:  video or phone calls, 60-minutes each, and email support:  $125


“Growth for Success”

For the new and growing organizer. You have a business and a plan and have had some success with obtaining and working with clients so far.  But you could use some help navigating and creating your growth plan. Perhaps you’re struggling with client situations and need some different perspectives. Or, as a solopreneur, you could use an accountability partner to help you stay on track.  

  • 60-minute calls, video or phone, schedule as you need them: $125


“I’m Ready to Pivot, but How? “

For the established organizer ready to make a shift. Your business has been growing and is successful, but you’re struggling in an area or thinking about a new direction, and need someone to help untangle what’s around you and find the clear path forward. 

  • 60-minute calls, video or phone, schedule as you need them: $125


“Inkling to Accomplishment”

For the organizer looking to achieve a big, BOLD goal. You have your eyes set on a big, bold goal, and would love help thinking through how to achieve it, or get the accountability support you need to stay on track and reach the finish line.

  • 60-minute calls, schedule as you need them: $125, or
  • accountability packages, and Kathy will work with you to design the package to your needs


“Can I Pick Your Brain?” 

For the organizer who could use some external perspective and feedback on a challenging situation or idea brainstorming.   

  • 60-minute call: $125
  • 30-minute call: $65