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Kathy Vines helps create the change people are craving.

Whether one-on-one working virtually with clients around the globe, or speaking from the stage or the screen, Kathy brings expertise and perspective to create meaningful change in people’s lives every day. 

Here because you’re looking for Professional Change?

Kathy is a Certified Coach (CTACC), Career Coach, Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW), Certified Digital Career Strategist (CDCS) (a fancy term for a LinkedIn ace!), and a Speaker on these topics, as well.  

Looking for a dynamic (and fun!) Speaker who will inspire, shift mindsets, and bring “try-it-today” actions?

Whether on the main stage, leading workshops, or keeping your audience entertained and educated in your digital events, Kathy brings a high level of expertise and perspective to facilitate making meaningful change in people’s lives every day. 

Kathy helps people get clarity, remove barriers, and create progress for themselves, no matter where challenges arise. 

Or are you here to learn about Change at Home?

You may also know her as the owner of Clever Girl Organizing, a Certified Professional Organizer® (CPO®), Virtual Organizer, Productivity Specialist, and published author, She is a Professional Speaker and Media contact for all things Organizing and Productivity, and regularly featured in national magazines, newspapers, podcasts, and television!

What is Kathy All About?


Along with the 20-year career in human resources, Kathy consulted with clients of a premier outplacement firm in Boston, MA, and a top national resume-writing company, before transitioning to private practice in 2015. While Kathy works with a variety of clients, she specializes in working with mid-career professionals who imagine a new chapter ahead, a bit off their current path, not sure of how to execute on such a dream. 


Kathy is the owner of Clever Girl Organizing, Inc, founded in 2013. In addition to the Certified Professional Organizer® designation, She works with people in their homes, businesses, and virtually to help them untangle their relationship to their stuff and calm the chaos in their life.


Kathy loves speaking to Conference audiences, corporations, or community organizations to invite people think differently about their stuff, their time, or their career! She brings ideas that inspire instant action and results! She’s dynamic and engaging and always manages to work humor into even some of the more challenging subjects. 


In 2017, Clever Girl’s Guide to Living with Less: Break Free from Your Stuff, Even When Your Head and Heart Get in the Way was published in paperback and Kindle formats. It focuses on the psychological and emotional barriers people face when letting things go, like “I might need it someday” or “but I paid good money for this“. It also gives focus and structure to how to tackle five of the areas that Kathy finds people most commonly struggle: clothes, photos, paperwork, books, and memorabilia/sentimental items. 


Kathy is originally from Long Island but has lived in the Boston area over 20 years, She received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Bucknell University and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Kathy and her husband, Robert, aka “Handy Boy,” live in Melrose, Massachusetts, and yes, their home is very organized. Mostly…



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